Beware Of The ‘Jury Duty Scam’

Beware Of The ‘Jury Duty Scam’

There have been several more reports in recent weeks of a scam sweeping across the US involving criminals posing as ‘judges’ and/or court officials alleging that victims are to be fined for failing to attend Jury Duty.

The scam, that was reported late last year by the US Marshals Service, was one of several major nationwide scams that were viewed as a significant threat to the public in the US and has steadily increased and continued to spread in the months that have followed.

In the last few weeks the scam has been reported in Kansas and most recently in Nebraska, with some scammers even using the names of real officials and real judges in an attempt to trick their victims.

Officials and police forces across the US have advised members of the public that arrest warrants are not issued over the phone and therefore any call that threatens to have a warrant for your arrest unless a financial sum is paid is a scam.

To help minimise the risk of becoming a victim of this type of scam call we would strongly advise members of the public never to give out any personal or financial information over the phone to an unknown caller.

As ever, we would also encourage members of the public to take a proactive approach against these types of scam calls by arming themselves with a product from our range of call blocking devices, which simply plug in to your landline device and block scam and nuisance calls at the touch of a button.

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